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Strategies to Use to Find a Roof Leak In Your Albuquerque Home

Are you trying to find the location of the leak in your roof? Time to make it rain, and by that, we mean the easiest way to detect the leak is to spray some water over the roof!


Well, keep on reading and you won’t be. Perhaps the most dangerous problem a rainstorm or any natural disaster presents is damage to the roof. You never know to what extent the roof has been compromised. Water damage could lead to drywall falling off the ceiling and walls. You can now imagine what a huge hazard a leaking roof is. So, at the first sign of a leak, call a roofer ASAP! In the meantime, let’s talk about how to spot signs of a leak.

Step #1 – Look for the Signs

The dripping water forming a puddle is a dead giveaway, but where is it coming from? Here’s what you will see when your house has a leak:

  • Musty odor in rooms
  • Spots on the exterior wall
  • Yellow stains on the ceiling
  • Bulging patches and paint pockets on the interior walls
  • Warped and missing shingles

Step #2 – Check the Attic

Now that you have spotted the signs of a leaking roof inside and outside your house, it’s time to find the source. If you have one, head up to the attic because this is where you are likely to find signs of visible damage along the walls or ceilings. Look for black marks, molds, and water stains along the roof sheathing.

If you are like many New Mexicans and don’t have an attic, you may have to get on the roof and look for damaged tar or shingles.

Step #3- Make It Rain

The last step is to find out where the roof is the leak located. The three most common causes of a leaking roof are damaged shingles, cracked caulking around the chimney, and loose vent boot. Any of these can create an opening for water to drip into the attic, which then starts seeping into the walls.

In order to find the leak, get help from one of your neighbor’s because this is a two-man job. Tell your neighbor to go inside the house and stand at the location where you spotted water leak signs. Get up on the roof holding a garden hose and spray the entire roof with water. Spray each section of the roof with water for at least 5 seconds and then move on to the next. Tell your neighbor to give a shout when he sees water dripping inside.

It’s possible that this might not lead to any results. The problem is, once the water enters through the roof, gravity pushes it toward a certain spot where it collects. For example, the spot in the roof that’s causing the leak might be located above the living room, but the signs are visible in the dining room. In such cases, it’s better to call a roofer.

The three repairs mentioned above are quite doable. They don’t require any tools and are a quick fix to prevent further water damage. The most important thing is to do something! So try out these tips and if they don’t work, get in touch with a roofer.

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