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Albuquerque Roof Maintenance

Albuquerque Roof Maintenance

A home is a working system that needs year round maintenance. A home features an electrical system, a cooling Asphalt Shingle Roofing Albuquerque NM 04a Finishing Touch Home Improvements 505-379-7705system, a heating system, a plumbing system, and a roofing system. Each of these need to be maintained, while some require virtually no maintenance and others require monthly and annual maintenance. A roof is the primary structure of your home that keeps weather outside and literally keeps a roof overhead. A roof needs regular maintenance for it to stay in good working order. Regular full roof maintenance should be done once a year, with a full roof inspection, followed by completion of a set of standard roof maintenance tasks. Regular roof maintenance can be done by a homeowner or by a professional roofing company. Roof maintenance can be done every two or three years, but it is definitely preferable if it is done annually because, as the saying goes an ounce of roof maintenance for a few hundred dollars is worth a pound of cure involving a new roof for several thousand dollars.

Albuquerque Homeowner Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is an annual task any Albuquerque, NM homeowner can do themselves. The smart approach to doing it yourself is to go up on the roof and complete an assessment twice a year. While up there on the roof doing a routine maintenance check, complete a basic clean up of debris, branches, twigs and leaves. During the wintertime a buildup of debris described here can become a bigger problem if it is left there on the roof and not removed.

Roof Algae and Moss Growth Removal

Algae and moss can start to grow on a roof over time. These natural occurring growths are bad because they can impact the chemical composition of the material used to build a roof’s home, which eventually could cause a negative impact where it may start to decay. Products are available that can be sprayed on moss and algae on a roof or other parts of a home. This product should be sprayed on the moss and algae to remove them and stop its growth.

Albuquerque Roof Inspection by Homeowner

As an Albuquerque homeowner it makes perfect sense financially to complete roof inspections periodically. When doing a roof inspection write down any obvious problems with the roof. During your roof inspection, you may see water stains in your attic, sunlight coming through to the insulation in your roof crawl space or worse yet, you may have water stains on the ceiling or walls below your roof inside your home. After completion of the roof inspection, if the problems are beyond your repair, maintenance or roof replacement skills (which may be the case—not to worry) make a few calls and lineup roof inspections from several Albuquerque roofing companies. Obtain roofing quotes from the Albuquerque roofing companies that did a roof inspection for you, and then make a decision on which one to hire to repair or replace your Albuquerque roof. Keep in mind that an Albuquerque roof is not forever. The high UV sunlight here and the strong winds and wide temperature swings do an unusual amount of damage to an ordinary shingle roof of flat roof over several years. If your roof is more than 25 year old (you can check with the city to see when your home was built and review your home inspection or home appraisal to check and see when the last time the roof was replaced) it may be time to get a quote anyway to replace the roof on your Albuquerque home.

If you happen to find a roof leak during your roof inspection, such as sunshine shining down in your attic, do the smart thing immediately and take action and do some good old fashioned do-it-yourself Albuquerque home roof repair now before it rains again.

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